Trinity Software Center - Newsletter June 2019

By Diana Van Der-Stelt - BLOGGER(Trinity Software Center) | JUNE 2019.


Dear friends and customers, As we are getting closer to the vacation season, we are happy to give you a short update the new things that have been happening in our company.


We officially launched SKUUNI school management system 1.0 and Android APP.

After testing and improving the beta version of our cloud software for West-African schools we officially launched the 1.0 version early this year. Since last month the SKUUNI app is also available for free download at the Google Playstore, allowing teachers as well as parents to access the school management system with their Android phones.


We built a system for the tracing and tracking of humanitarian goods

In close collaboration with Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions foundation, we developed a web application allowing NGO’s to administrate their logistic flow of goods from the original donor to the final destination. The application is being used by Maxim Nyansa and its partner NGO in the Netherlands, “Climbing the right tree” to support their logistic process where donors can visit collection points to donate for the “Computer4schoolsGhana” campaign. Donors can track their donated items to their final destination in a Ghanaian school with Google Maps location and recent photo’s of students using the hardware. Maxim Nyansa personnel use the system to plan their projects and assign hardware to school projects. Organizations who are interested in the system can check the concept at

or contact us for a demo.


We recruited a new blockchain team

For a Dutch customer, we have started a fresh international virtual scrum team programming blockchain solutions with Ethereum (the platform that supports smart contract solutions). While many people talk about blockchain or develop business concepts, few of them actually master the actually coding skills to build these features. Our talented new C# developers can be very proud to be part of this international team and they are anxious to start coming up with blockchain concepts for the West-African market.


Digital transformation research on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Our branch in the Netherlands invited Micha van den Akker, a research master student in Business Informatics in Utrecht, to carry out an investigation on digital transformation in small and medium sized enterprises in Ghana. Micha has been interviewing people from the business community all over Ghana to get an insight in the key factors that make entrepreneurs decide to step into the digital world. The research intends to develop a decision model to facilitate the process. We are expecting the first results early July.


We got 2 articles in Business and Financial Times

One of our directors Diana van der Stelt published various articles in the B&FT this year:
Digital transformation in schools
Keeping up with technological innovations

Diana is a board member of Maxim Nyansa IT solutions foundation in Accra ( and sales director at Trinity Software Center in Kumasi (