By Diana Van Der-Stelt - BLOGGER(Trinity Software Center) |26 Feb 2019.

Trinity software center is a social enterprise with the mission to create career perspective for young Africans using Information Technology. We do this while pursuing innovation by:

- Developing software for the West-African market.

- Developing software for the European market via outsourcing contracts.

While at the same time we intend to:
- Create employment and practical experience for students and young graduates in the field of computer science, in particular those from underprivileged background.

- Raise funds for practical training centers for young IT graduates in Africa.


As a Software development company, we also have the vision to see Africa go digital in various disciplines such as schools, churches, government institutions, processes, financial sector, agricultural sector and a lot more.

In view of that, we have conducted a lot of surveys and found a problem in the educational institutions that we could solve by providing a robust IT system and that led us to the Skuuni idea.


- We identified that many schools do not have electronic/digital means of keeping good records/data.

- Most of the activities are done manually and it becomes difficult to keep track as the data grows over time.

- More often, school records get lost completely and cannot be retrieved.

- Reporting to Ghana Education Service (GES) becomes tedious,

- Financial inflows and outflows are hard to track or never tracked which helps to project whether a school is making profit or running at a loss

- And many more issues identified with school administration, parents of students, students and staff in general.


Skuuni is a Web-Based School Management Platform that brings into one place to manage all elements of a school efficiently including Students (admission/registration), Parents, Employees/Staff, Attendance, Terminal reports, Classes, Grades, Fees collection, Financial management (Income and Expenditure), etc. The website can be accessed at



In September 2018, we launched the beta version of Skuuni to the general public and schools for trying out for a limited period. During this period, we were taking feedbacks, comments, criticisms, new feature requests, ideas, wishes, and many more from all who signed up to use the beta product and all who helped in our beta testing phase.

Our whole team is celebrating today with the launch of this great product. Your advice and feedback has been so helpful as we shaped for Skuuni – thank you.

We are also more than excited to give you power to manage your school from one central location and help you realize statistics in your school automatically regarding students, staff, finances, academics etc.


Features available in Skuuni version 1.0 include:

- Student admission & Enrollment

- Staff Roles & Permissions Management

- Classes, Subjects and grade Management

- School Fees Management (tracking all debtors)

- Staff/Human resource management

- Student Attendance Management

- Automatic students Report generation & Management

- Financial management (track incomes, expenses and generate reports to project profit and loss).

As we have been delivering our first software for the Dutch market earlier this year, we have been very much encouraged by the learning experience of working together with programmers in the Netherlands. We are ready to take the next step!.


Signing up requires less than 2 minutes of time, you are required to fill basic information about you and your school and after successful verification, you are redirected to your dashboard, yes as simple as that.

To signup, visit our website at

- Click on the signup button at the top-right of the navigation bar.

- Fill basic information about you and your school.

- Read our privacy agreement and agree to it.

- Hit the signup button and you have an account with Skuuni.

Click here to signup directly; .

Schools who subscribe from today March 1, 2019 to March 30, 2019 enjoy a free usage of the platform for an entire term without bearing any cost. Visit the website at and enjoy this offer for free.

You can also read more about Skuuni, features of the platform, Pricing, information when you need help on usage of the platform and how you can become a salesrep.


We have recently set up a team of sales people who are moving around to market SKUUNI all over Ghana as we move from the beta version to release 1.0. Our representatives can be found in Greater Accra region, Volta region, Western region and Ashanti region.

Sales representatives enjoy a commission on every lead that they convert to subscribed customers. In addition, Sales representatives are trained on the usage of the platform before they go out to market the platform to schools.

They are also given promotional materials such as brochures and Skuuni branded shirts to identify themselves when they move about for prospects. Find out more about sales representatives here: .


Skuuni has the customer always at heart and therefore has dedicated team of support agents available to assist you along your journey with us. Our support team responsibilities include:

- Answering questions about information on/about the system.

- Helping new customers who need help to start using the system.

- Incident management (bugs, trouble shooting for customers).

- Receive new features requests from users.

- Help customers exit the platform.

- Receive and possibly answering questions on Legal and financial concerns.

More information on Skuuni help can be found here: