Our Services

With our passionate and highly skilled team of developers, we deliver a wide range of products like websites, web applications, mobile applications.

School Management Cloud services - Skuuni

Schools can subscribe to our userfriendly and affordable online school management system. The first semester free trial. Learn what SKUUNI can do for your school here.

Website Development

We combine the latest and advanced techniques to develop world class websites. Our hosting servers are tried and tested and proven of high security. Our clients can be assured of a high level of data protection and security of their personal information.

Web Applications

We work closely together with our customers to develop their web application projects, using latest technologies and the most suitable programming languages. The whole process from requirement generation to system development, testing, deployment and service management, we carry out in close communication to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Mobile Apps Development

We also have dedicated and well experienced developers to deliver mobile apps for firms and corporate bodies to easily facilitate their work,communication and productivity, providing value to them.

Desktop Applications

Most organizations prefer desktop applications due to its ease of use. With Trinity, your desktop applications are a reality. We are committed to delivering state of the art systems for corporate bodies. We also are ready to give your staff the necessary short training on the usage of systems we deliver until they fully understand and can easily operate it themselves.

Scrum Team Developers

Looking for developers? Trinity has carefully selected and well trained programmers available to work in international virtual scrum teams with other developers abroad.