Affordable Professional websites &
web applications

Delivering value to our clients is our highest priority, therefore we provide the most affordable services in website and web application development as well as other IT related services.

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International Virtual scrum teams for businesses in Europe

Trinity programmers are being trained to build capacity where they can work together online with other developers on projects abroad.

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A company with a social misson

Our misson is to create career perspective for young Africans using IT, creating an avenue for practical experiences for students and young IT graduates and also raising funds for training centers for these graduates.

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About us

Trinity Software Center is a social enterprise with the mission to create career perspective for young Africans using Information Technology. We do this while pursuing innovation by:

  • Developing software for the West-African market.
  • Developing software for the European market via outsourcing contracts. read more..

Our Services

With our passionate and higly skilled team of developers, we deliver wide range of products from websites, web applications, mobile applications and a host of others.

Website Development

We combine the latest and advanced techniques to develop world class websites. Our hosting servers are tried and tested and proven of high security. Our clients can be assured of a high level of data protection and security of their personal information.

Web Applications

We work closely together with our customers to develop their web application projects, using latest technologies and the most suitable programming languages. The whole process from requirement generation to system development, testing, deployment and service management, we carry out in close communication to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Desktop Applications

Most organizations prefer desktop applications due to its ease of use. With Trinity, your desktop applications are a reality. We are committed to delivering state of the art systems for corporate bodies. We also are ready to give your staff the necessary short training on the usage of systems we deliver until they fully understand and can easily operate it themselves.

Corporate website CMS

We do this in different ways. As a customer you can deliver your content and Trinity staff will process all the changes on your website. Alternatively, you carry out the content management yourself. In this case, Trinity supervises and helps you with any issue through a userfriendly and fast personal online service.

Mobile Apps Development

We also have dedicated and well experienced developers to deliver mobile apps for firms and corporate bodies to easily facilitate their work,communication and productivity, providing value to them.

Scrum Team Developers

Looking for developers? Trinity has carefully selected and well trained programmers available to work in international virtual scrum teams with other developers abroad.

What Our Clients Say

testimonial image

Manually managing students records was a daunting task for us. But with Trinity School Management System, our school has now been automated helping us with an effective and efficient records keeping, auditing and students terminal reports.

Mr. Sarfo Kantanka, Director, Golden Gate Int. School, Kumasi.
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Due to developments in our company, we needed a version of our new planning platform for our trainers and customers. Before we heard from TSC, we had tried other developers to make a tailor made design from scratch so it would reflect our needs, that didn’t work out. Through TSC, we now have an online software tool that enables us to do a more efficient and managed planning. A great benefit is that the approach of TSC is more professional, involved and flexible. They understood our needs and sector, their prices reasonable and good quality balance and last but not least they produce fair-trade software.

Mr. Werner van Ekkendonk, CEO & Co-founder, Eurobizz Academy, Netherlands.
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I had been working with Trinity Software Center before, but on this occasion I had my own website completely rebuilt by them. The project went smoothly and the result was really nice. It was inspiring to see how Trinity gives young developers the opportunity to get practical work experience with a relatively simple assignment like this, while at the same time the process with its customers is being managed carefully. I got good professional advice about the graphic design of the website, that helped me to give the website the right look and feel.

Mrs. Diana van der Stelt, Change Management Consultant, Netherlands.
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As a spin-off of Maxim Nyansa, I wouldn't expect anything less than quality from Trinity Software Center. And that's exactly what they offer. Quality, well tested software built in an agile way for every company's need.

Mr Stanley k. Dankyira, Managing Director, Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions.
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We wanted a web presence and Trinity did that for us in such a short time. They are committed to delivering state of the arts websites and our's is just a few of the designs they can produce. Their payment plan is very flexible and we are happy with their services so far.

Mr Maxwell Acheampong, General Manager, Sir-Max Driving School, Kumasi.